Monday, January 31, 2011

YPC: A Six Word Memoir

Several members of the Young People's Chorus of New York City staff recently attempted to write a story about YPC in six words—a six-word memoir.  The first six-word memoir was written by Ernest Hemingway when he was challenged to write a novel in so many words.  He wrote:  “For sale.  Baby shoes.  Never worn.”  Here are the memoirs the staff composed - and we'd love to hear yours, too!

Many voices. One vision. Potential realized.
Children’s joy can change the world.

YPC songs from souls and angels.

Every walk, place, face, all singing.

Yes, I believe I can fly.

One by one, sing a song.

Shaping young lives through new music.

YPC celebrates and develops children’s choruses.

Kids discovering the world through YPC.

From corner to stage, new life.

City kids singing together. Lives changed.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

YPC in a Coca Cola commercial, now showing on YouTube!

Hear and see YPC in the newly released Coca Cola commercial on YouTube by clicking here!

In August 2010, the season got started a little earlier than usual for YPC as the youngest choristers in Prelude and Intermezzo rehearsed, recorded, and filmed a brand new feel-good TV commercial for Coca Cola!  From rehearsal, to the recording studio, to the actual day of filming, over 50 children gave up a couple days of their summer vacation to be part of a very exciting project.