Thursday, August 4, 2016

Summer Tour Reflections

Written by YPC Chorister Adonis, Age 16

For anyone going on their first tour, I would tell them to keep a positive attitude. We work really hard, and sometimes it's intense, but the journey is well worth it to reach the destination. The key to a successful tour is to have fun, and not let little things get under your skin. Everyone on staff and in the chorus wants the best for all of us.

Summer 2016 has been such a memorable tour. The rehearsal process and concerts have been intense, with full day rehearsals complete with choreography, to prepare us for multiple performances and activities per day while on the road.  But it has all been worth it - exiting the stage with full certainty that you have done a good job is the greatest, most fulfilling feeling.


Seeing my fellow choristers cry tears of joy after our concert at the Paramount Theatre in Austin is a sensation I'll never forget. It feels amazing to work so hard on one thing, putting all of your passion and energy into it, and then getting to experience such an incredible finale.

YPC Hits the KUTX Airwaves

Written by YPC Chorister Spencer, Age 18

We carefully took our places in the KUTX Austin studio, navigating webs of aux cords and other wires for broadcast. The radio staff continued to go about their business until we began singing - I vividly remember the surprised expression on the sound technician’s face as he realized, “Wow, they know what they are doing.” At YPC, artistic excellence and professionalism are the norm, and it’s easy to forget that these traits are not often expected of performers our age.

The goals of YPC’s KUTX radio appearance were to introduce the community to our music, and to spread the word about our performance at the Paramount Theatre that evening. With the motivation of inspiring listeners to join us at the Paramount, we looked past the early hour reflected on our watches and dug deep into ourselves to produce an extraordinary sound.  A sound that I felt proud to help produce, and proud to have represent our organization to these new listeners.

Monday, July 25, 2016

In One Word: Mont La Salle Performance

Collectively written by YPC Concert Chorus and Young Men

Choristers’ responses to the prompt “describe how you felt about the concert at Mont La Salle,” in the form of a word cloud --

YPC Word Cloud.png

Words that came to choristers’ minds most frequently: passion, passionate, and powerful.

Read more about the performance in Maggie’s blog post. Hats off to these YPC choristers for giving such a memorable performance.

The Greatest Feeling: Moving Someone Through Music

Written by YPC Chorister Maggie, Age 17

Hello readers! My name is Maggie, and it’s hard for me to believe, but I have been in YPC for 9 years now. Over the years, I have made countless amazing memories with my fellow choristers (and great friends).


I am currently on my third tour with YPC, with stops in New York, California, and Texas. On July 21st, we performed at the Mont La Salle Chapel in Napa Valley, California and I can confidently say that it was one of the most rewarding concerts in my 9 years with YPC. There is truly no better feeling than being confident that you have moved someone fully through your music, and YPC accomplished this at Mont La Salle.


YPC is so special because it transmits this rare feeling of community, inclusivity, and satisfaction, not only for the choristers, but for those listening as well. I know that moments like these will push me to strive for excellence, not only in YPC, but in every aspect of my life.

Friday, July 22, 2016

Behind the Scenes: Preparing for Summer Tour 2016

Written by YPC Chorister Sophie, Age 17

As this is my first year with YPC, I have certainly learned a lot of new things when it comes to music - from the actual performance pieces to the choreography that goes with them.  


In order to prepare for summer tour, I needed to familiarize myself with a wide variety of songs and movements. I learned that this process is not only about memorizing notes, lyrics, and moves, but also about personalizing and "marrying" each and every selection as part of a greater whole.


Preparing for summer tour has taught me to think quickly on my feet, and given me the motivation to go the extra mile to make these new pieces performance ready. I will carry this knowledge with me into my upcoming school year. I am a rising senior and I know the school year will be extremely demanding - both academically and mentally. I will utilize these new skills that I have acquired on tour in order to aid me in this challenging year to come.

Monday, March 28, 2016

YPC’s New Community Chorus!

As one of YPC’s new Conducting Fellows, I’m thrilled to be working with the wonderful boys and girls of YPC’s new community chorus at Goddard Riverside Community Center. The chorus is a great opportunity for these children to make new friends and sing together as part of Manhattan’s Upper West Side community.

Our first rehearsal on February 23rd set the stage for an exciting semester: when 30 children from schools across New York City met for the first time in Goddard Riverside’s Bernie Wohl Center auditorium. The auditorium houses many afterschool activities for local students, but this one is different: the children learn singing techniques, play musical games, and create music together. For many children, this is their first time singing in a chorus!

YPCGR rehearsing at Goddard Riverside’s Bernie Wohl Center.

“I like it because I like singing and dancing.” –Luca, 6th Grade

“It’s fun! I like it. My favorite thing is the music, and I’ve made new friends.” –Brittany, 4th Grade

Now, just one month later, it’s clear that these children are ready and eager to learn more. We’re already looking forward to our performance at Goddard Riverside Community Center’s Spring Showcase on Friday, April 8th. Come see us!

Later on in June, we will combine with our other community chorus, YPC at Washington Heights and dozens of other choruses in New York, Connecticut, and New Jersey, for a big concert at the Prudential Center. It’s going to be a fantastic spring!

We are always looking for more children to join us. If you or a child you know is interested in singing with the chorus, please fill out an audition interest form at

–Kari Francis