Thursday, April 12, 2007

Tarik O'Regan!!!

Today Tarik O'Regan came into rehearsal. He was really cool. In addition to his infectious British accect which everyone seemed to enjoy (the girls at least), I think he really reached out to us. I mean personally, I detest those children's songs that are written by middle-aged smug guys who attempt to relate to us and define us: "the next generation". They write sugary sweet rounds about joining hands and coming together because remember kids, we are the future!

No, Tarik is a really down to earth guy and it really got through that he worked hard on this piece; he worked hard to relate to kids in the city.
The Taxi, which is arguably one of our simpler pieces (against Steve Reich, hello!) is also a favorite of mine and of most I've talked to.
It's got this great pulsing beat and mysterious sound to it, not to mention awesome lyrics. The poem Tarik chose couldn't have been more perfect in channeling the feelings of youth. At my age at least, and especially since leaving my hometown of Miami almost a year ago, the text of The Taxi, which is that of leaving the one you love and the pain you feel as the city pulls you apart, is relevant.

Written by Christina Montero, YPC Concert Chorus Division


  1. Hey Francisco!
    It's Christine, not Christina.

    It looks great, though!

  2. I agree with Christine, It was one of the more simple peieces in terms of the amount and difficulty of the words, but I think adding the instruments in this peice added a new dimenson to the piece more than the other pieces did. Especially the pulsing sound of the vibraphone.

  3. I agree with Christine. The piece is simple in the sense that there are not too many words, but I think that his piece adds a new dimension to it through the instruments, more than any other piece. Especially the pulsing sound of the vibraphone and the underlying beat that the bass guitar gives.