Tuesday, May 22, 2007

2006 - 2007 Top Ten

Conductors Francisco and Elizabeth planning next year's Top Ten.

In honor of our 10th Annual Spring Celebration we are listing the YPC's Top Ten collaborations of the past year. Check out the list and tell us who is your favorite and why, or even suggest next year's Top Ten candidates.

YPC and Shakira? Why not!

1. My Chemical Romance
2. T.I.
3. Rufus Wainright
4. James Brown
5. Stephen Petronio Dance Company
6. Rosanne Cash
7. New York Pops
8. Ann Hampton Callaway
9. American Ballet Theatre
10. Bruce Springstein

YPC's annual Spring Concert is on Saturday June 9th, at the 92nd Street Y.
For more information visit http://www.ypc.org/concerts/spring.html.


  1. I would love to see Bob Marley with the YPC. He's not alive, but maybe you can use his vocals? Or work with one his sons?

  2. I think you should collaborate with Paris Hilton. and her little dog, too... they could both wear the new concert chorus ties. That would be like, totally hot.

  3. hey i think oscar brand should be in the original top ten! he was so funny.

  4. hey i think oscar brand should be in the original top ten! he was so funny.

  5. I've been hearing from many people that the Young Men should sing Good vibrations. It would be so interesting to hear it in choral form!

  6. Celine Dion, Christina Aguilara, Mark Anthony (all of them in Spanish). These artists are so hot and happening! We'd have to get a stadium large enough for the crowds though.

  7. We could try to get Bon Jovi...Martha McBride rocks too...

  8. Do you mean MARTINA McBride?
    Just sayin.

  9. I think it would be really cool if we sang with My Chemical Romance again.

  10. Rufus Wainwright was the best!!! And I agree that Oscar Brand was very funny too.