Thursday, December 11, 2008


YPC Expands Nationally!
Introducing the Young People’s Chorus of Erie, PA.

In January of 2009, rehearsals will begin for YPC’s very first affiliate: the Young People’s Chorus of Erie, in residence at The Behrend College of Penn State Erie’s School of Humanities and Social Sciences. Dr. Jason Bishop, director of ch
oral activities at the college, has taken on the role of Founder/Artistic Director for YPC Erie.

“As the YPC has demonstrated for 20 years in New York, bringing together children with diverse backgrounds is a powerful force that builds unity, community and long-lasting friendships,” said Dr. Bishop. “Until now, students in northwest Pennsylvania may have had great experiences singing in local school or church choirs, but, typically, that exposes them only to children with similar backgrounds.”

When the chorus kicks off rehearsals in January, they will have 100 choristers in three divisions: an elementary chorus for children 7 to 10; a middle school chorus for a
ges 10 to 14; and high school chorus for teens ages 14 to 18.

The Young People’s Chorus of Erie will also be a special guest at YPC’s 8th annual Honor Chorus Festival in New York on March 28. (Honor Chorus, a fun day of singing and friendship, is open to any interested young women ages 12-18 and young men ages 11-18. For more information, click here.)

“We hope the creation of Young People’s Chorus of Erie is just the first ste
p in a long-held dream to expand the successes of the YPC model to children in other cities,” said Mr. Nunez, “to demonstrate the often untapped capabilities of children of all backgrounds.”



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  2. I'm excited. I'm part of ypc Erie and were just all excited for the NYC trip!

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