Monday, April 13, 2009


Monday, April 13 (Two hours until the concert!)

YPC and SFGC choristers spent the day rehearsing for their collaborative concert tonight at Alice Tully Hall, Lincoln Center. When asked, “What is the best thing about this concert?”, choristers were excited to share their thoughts and feelings.

(The two choruses rehearse together.)

“We are all together and singing and I think it’s great. We sound amazing and I’m really proud and grateful to be part of this wonderful event.”
-Andrea, 16 (YPC)

(Composer Meredith Monk practices her piece "Three Heavens and Hells" with YPC.)

“The acoustics and singing in this great hall with another choir.”
-Den, 13 (SFGC)

(San Francisco Girls Chorus members take a break after rehearsal.)

“The difficulty of the music and beauty. The joy of knowing we sing well.”
-Alphea, 16 (YPC)

(YPC choristers take a break after rehearsal.)

“Being able to meet and hear another wonderful chorus from a different place and making beautifully music with them”
-Lily, 15 (SFGC)

“I enjoyed meeting all these new kids from the other chorus and uniting to perform a great concert.”
-Perry, 15 (YPC)

“The variation of music… It’s not just one kind. You won’t get bored because of the different genres.”
-Jeffri, 17 YPC)

Concert photos will be available soon on

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