Wednesday, October 29, 2014

YPC Fall Retreat to Camp Jewell!

Camp Jewell was a fantastic place to be.  It had many wonderful places and activities.  At the rehearsals we learned from our terrific conductors; and the food and the cabins were nice.  My favorite activity was archery (besides eating the food).  We did a sunrise hike on Sunday morning, bright and early at 7AM and the foliage was beautiful.  I made a lot of new friends. I liked spending time with my chorus friends during this trip. I'm really glad to be a part of YPC, and I'm looking forward to performing with my new friends in the upcoming concert!

Sheldon, 8, Prelude

This is my 3rd YPC retreat with the Prelude Chorus. Camp Jewel is an amazing place. Even though we only stayed for one night, we did a lot of activities. For example, I enjoyed the pretzel making because I love to cook. It's a great way for the choristers to get to know each other, especially for people new to YPC. During the scavenger hunt, they put you into teams with children from each group and you have to work together to get all the clues. Another one of my favorite activities was the bonfire. On the way to the bonfire, I picked up a stick and made s'mores with my friends, conductors and my dad, who joined as a chaperone. I did not want to leave and I begged my dad to stay. Also I was the flag bearer and I got to take the flag home to remember this awesome weekend!!!

Zubin, 9, Prelude

When you're at Camp Jewell you love your new friends. When everyone sang together it was really beautiful. I figured out I was in a great choir when I got there.

Oliver, 9, Prelude

I think the best activity at Camp Jewell was the talent show. I was cheered on by my friends, while my friends were cheered on by me. There were all sorts of performances, piano, cello solos, guitars, magic tricks, singing and even a skit (basically any kind of talent you could think of.) At the end we even had a dance party!

Gary, 10, Intermezzo

 I really enjoyed rehearsing, because we learned more about rhythm, and composition. One of my favorite group activities was archery, because although I have been on camping trips with my school, archery at Camp Jewell was different. It was more relaxing, and nobody made fun of anyone who missed the target, which made me feel really good about being at camp with this group of people. It was a very supportive community, especially during the talent show. When I played "Forget You" on the piano, the audience even sang along. Camp Jewell was an amazing experience, where I bonded with new people, and got to share my creative spirit. I am so glad that I am involved in a group like YPC!

 Adedayo, 10, Intermezzo

My name is Anna, I’m in Intermezzo, and it’s my first year in YPC. On our overnight trip to Camp Jewel, we did many activities such as pretzel making, archery, roasting s’mores, leather crafts, climbing on the climbing wall, a sunrise hike, indoor games, a scavenger hunt, and of course, rehearsal! Although every activity we did there was fun, my favorite was the scavenger hunt. We would race through the camp, collecting clues to find our way to the final destination (the busses back to the city). I liked this activity over the others, because it was a great way to work as a team, and make new friends and bonds at the same time. It was a great way to finish our time there, and I look forward to going there again!

Anna, 12, Intermezzo

I was so glad I went to the Camp Jewell retreat.  There's nothing like spending 2 days in nature to get to know new people.  Being new to the YPC family, I felt immediately welcomed by all the conductors, staff, and other parents.  And my favorite part: we parents even got to sing!  The camp itself was great, but the experience was rich, because of all the talented people in the group.  And of course this was a great way for my son (new to YPC) to get to know his fellow choristers.  I was most impressed with how the older children and all the conductors are really incredible mentors and role models.  I had the chance to make new friends myself, and look forward to participating in future YPC events as a part of the family.  A heart-felt thanks to the conductors and staff for making this weekend happen!

Chris, Parent Chaperone, Prelude 

It was thrilling to have an opportunity to watch Francisco's teaching style: something wonderful was offered for any style of learner. In one exercise, I sat with a child who told me "but... I don't write music," yet in this environment, when I responded with, "apparently today you do" he simply accepted this and went on to complete a great learning exercise.  More exciting yet was the support the chorus members offer each other - without question it's a safe space to explore artistic interests, performance abilities and life.  For a family new to YPC the camp provided a very comfortable way for us to make a nucleus of friends in a powerfully artistic and interesting group of people!

Ann, Parent Chaperone, Prelude

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