Saturday, July 18, 2015

After Tuesday’s amazing competition performances by both Cantare and Chorale at the First Congregational Church of Berkeley, the choristers all felt great.  They had given everything they had in exceptional performances.  But Francisco and Elizabeth reminded them that for the week ahead, every chorus member had to work both mentally and physically to make each performance better than the last.  
At Wednesday’s Spotlight Concert at the First Presbyterian Church of Berkeley, they both surpassed themselves.  The performances were electric and the audience was with them every second.  Each half-hour performance went by in a flash.  
In the competition finals yesterday (Friday), Cantare and the Chorale 
stepped up again. So how were they able to take their "best" to the 
next level? 
“To become better, we work off of each other’s energy and try to really connect during practice.  We use each previous performance to propel the upcoming one and remember the great feeling of a successful performance.  To do our best, we need to stop thinking as individuals, but as a chorus.”
Gabby and Hanna - Cantare and Sarea - Concert Chorus

“To become better we have to always keep in mind we are one unit.  We have to make it a habit to listen to each other in rehearsal and tech, so we are always on point.
David, Young Men

“We need to take the feelings we have on stage and release them into our performances.  We need to put our all into our performances.  Working together is the best….
Naya, Cantare 

“Finding the first competition to have been both thrilling and full of emotion, I realize that giving everything I have cannot be a one-time thing.  As a group, we need to keep going.  In order to progress beyond the exhilaration of a particular performance, we must remember those amazing feelings.  It isn’t enough to produce a mechanical performance.  Instead, it is crucial that we persevere, recreating the moment we felt most happy on that stage, and taking it even beyond that.  I believe this is the main thing that will push us even further in our endless willingness to strive for excellence.  With the love and support of our fellow YPC family, I know we will indeed become better…and better.”
Bryanna,   Concert Chorus

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