Thursday, May 20, 2010


PS198 have only been with the program for five weeks! They're right here in the same neighborhood as the Y. YPC was able to start a Satellite Program there with the support of NY Council Member Daniel Garodnick. What an amazing delegation this is -- I can't count them, they're filling the entire stage! Last I heard there are 120 of them. (The parent beside me says, "Oh my God, the stage is full!") Sophia is conducting and they're performing Jim Papoulis' Be With Me. One thing for sure, these kids are so excited to be here, and there's a lot of unbridled energy on stage. Good thing the next song is Dodi Li, following Jim's plaintive and meditative song, so now they can rock. And rock they do. (I see one boy in front who looks like he wants to start dancing.) Great work, guys! Five weeks, did you say? An amazing five weeks!

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