Thursday, May 20, 2010


Okay, this is now officially called the Blog of Cute. The cuteness level at the Kaufmann Concert Hall is so high right now. We'll be posting more pics soon so stay tuned.

PS69 is next! Our Satellite program at this Bronx school was established only last February. Sophia conducts all 80 of them who are able to join us today. They're singing Jim Papoulis' When I Close MY Eyes and Francisco Nunez's Abreme la Puerta. "Climb the highest mountain and go there with me," that's what Jim's song says, and it seems to encapsulate this year's concert, if not the entire program itself. Now the chorus is rocking the house with their rendition of Abreme, handclaps and all. And guess what, the entire house goes rockin' with them! Wow, you should hear the cheering in this room. Unbelievable.

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