Saturday, June 4, 2011

prelude round the world

What's always amazing to me is how kids as young as Prelude perform such a global repertoire. From Bee..., we were transported in space and time to Brahm's sweetly sung Marienwurmchen, then a Czech folk song, and now we're hearing strains of Swahili via the uber-internationalist composer Jim Papoulis. This, by the way, is a World Premiere. Kusimama, as the song is called, means Stand Tall. After this, Prelude ends with another new song written by Francisco himself -- another World Premiere. La Sopa de Isabel has a domestic story about it -- F trying to have his son Sebastian eat his soup, with a little help from grandma.

And as I'm writing this, V, I can see Cantare already lining up to go onstage. I have to say I've never been in this part of the house before and I'm amazed at the clockwork efficiency of it all.

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