Saturday, June 4, 2011

young men on stage

sam was a man by Vincent Persichetti -- wasn't that an interesting piece to open with? Hey V, am I reading this right, that three of these Young Men are graduating this year? Uh oh, those Cantare boys better grow up fast. We need more of these superlatively talented young men in the chorus. To think that this division is a fairly new addition to YPC. Francisco trains these singers like they were meant to out-Pavarotti Pavarotti or something. And somehow they always rise to the occasion. After that sombre piece by Beethoven, Wir haben ihn gesehen, the guys are doing Broadway: I Could Have Danced All Night. You know, V, some years ago Francisco thought of the idea of doing a Shuffle repertoire, sort of like the Shuffle function on an iPod. This night shows how that idea has come to fruition. The way these divisions jump from one genre to another, from one culture to another, across time and space, just makes my head spin (or shuffle).

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