Friday, June 28, 2013

CME in Ithaca: "Music is in everyone"

Young Men sing Working on the Railroad
My favorite thing about CME is definitely the master class. It is a great way to see how others conductors from all over the country  conduct.  Each person shows a different personality and and different strengths and weaknesses. We [the chorus] have the opportunity  to give them constructive criticism and compliments. I have realized how lucky YPC is to have Elizabeth and Sophia, conductors like them are special and rare to find.
- Tiffany, 14, Cantare

Thalia St. Hubert plays violin solo with the chorus
Ithaca was an amazing event.  It being the first time that I went to CME, I learned many helpful tools to help me when I'm sight reading music. I also made friends that will last a long time. CME taught me that music is in everyone and that everyone has a voice. Now I feel good taking the skills that I learned in Ithaca and using them back home at YPC.  I will always remember this awesome trip!
- Kelli,13, Cantare

Ithaca opened me up to many new styles of music, gospel music being my absolute favorite.  Raymond Wise, our guest conductor and composer is a very fun and charismatic. His style and techniques were OFF THE HOOK!
- Betina, 15, Cantare 

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