Thursday, June 27, 2013

From Ithaca, With Love

Now fully acquainted with our peers from the Ithaca College Chorus (ICC),  rehearsal Tuesday morning was filled intermittently with chatter.  We got through a myriad of pieces over just a few hours and then joined the adult participants of the Choral Music Experience program.  Janet Galvan, Artistic Director of the ICC and Director of Choral Activities at Ithaca College, continued to lead our rehearsal, using our mistakes and vocal techniques to teach the participants conducting tools and tricks.  It was interesting to see a sort of behind the scenes look at all the hard work conductors put into their job; Instead of seeing the product of their work, we were taking part in it.  After a quick lunch in the Ithaca College cafeteria, we went into Master Class which is where the participants take a turn conducting us through pieces.  Then Dr. Galvan would spend fifteen minutes or so doing some one-on-one instruction with them.  After a long days work of singing, we then headed to the pool to cool off.  It was such a relaxing way to end off a great day.
-Isabel, Concert Chorus, age 16

 We were talking to our New York City friends about what high schools they were going to it occurred to us that pretty much everywhere else in the country kids don't apply to high school in the same way we do. So we started asking the friends we made here at Ithaca how high school worked here. It is really interesting to experience a different lifestyle. Our home stay, Ellie, lives in  a two-story house with a back yard. That is something you can't really find or have easily in the city. But that doesn't mean it isn't great! We really love the town and our home-stay family.
- Lillian and Asila, Cantare, age 13   

It being my fourth time at CME, I realize that every single time has been unique. Often times, when I am surrounded by new people, I tend to stick to my small group of friends. This trip especially has helped me overcome that obstacle. I have made new friends and have grown close to the kind people who have opened their home to me. This summer's CME has truly inspired me to come out of my comfort zone, and I look forward to hopefully another visit.
-Bryanna B., Concert Chorus

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