Thursday, July 10, 2014

YPC at CME 2014: Part 2

"For the past three nights, six of us from Cantare have had the wonderful opportunity to experience a whole different way of life in Ithaca. CME has been a great week of singing, laughing, and making new friends. Before we left NYC, each chorister was matched up with a homestay to live with during the trip. The six of us were lucky enough to be put in a bed and breakfast that an Ithaca family graciously offered for us and an Ithaca College chaperone to stay in.

The bed and breakfast is located in an all-natural, solar powered community called Ecovillage. We swam in a pond, went into a sun heated hot tub, and picked freshly grown berries from the Ecovillage community garden. The best part of it is that we get to be surrounded by nature and see the lovely views of Ithaca's sunsets and stars, which we never get to experience in New York City. During the day, singing with the Ithaca Children's Choir and staying in this beautiful area with our best friends have made this trip truly unforgettable!"

Celia (15 years old), Michelle (14 years old), Asila (14 years old), Maggie (15 years old), Julia (14 years old), and Sarea (14 years old), Cantare Choristers

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