Thursday, May 28, 2009

satellite concert finale

Jim has asked the kids to stand up and do a little dress rehearsal. Francisco has joined the group on stage to play percussion. The kids sing it like they've sung it forever! Rousing applause.

Jim stays on the piano to lead the kids in the finale.

Elizabeth introduces a special guest -- Barbara Murray of the DOE. Thanks for coming to the concert, Barbara!

Now we're singing Jim's Oye -- the theme song of the concert. Sounds like a little carnival around here -- some of the kids are rocking and swinging. Escuchalo!

Next is YPC's signature song, Jim's Give Us Hope. Sums up the mission of YPC. Always brings the house down. These kids are going back to their schools and neighborhoods after this concert, but they'll have this one glorious morning to talk about all summer.

If you were in the concert, send us your comments! We'd love to know what your experience was like!

Nice to have you guys with us. Watch for the next YPC LIVE blog next week!!!

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