Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Radio Radiance Live from New York City!

Welcome to the live blog of Radio Radiance, a new program introduced by Francisco Nunez and the Young People's Chorus of New York City!

We are here live at the Jerome Greene Performance Space at WNYC, in New York's Tribeca district. 

Our choristers are presently in the lobby warming up with Francisco and the other conductors. In a few minutes they will be ushered into the space where the entire program will begin.

Eve Beglarian is in the house!!! Her piece, Machaut in the Machine Age: Liement me deport, will be performed first. It's also the most complicated, and right now WNYC engineers are setting up mikes all over the space for various solos.

Stay with us. We will have some of our kids come over and live blog as well.

Send in your comments. This is going to be a very exciting evening!!

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