Thursday, July 8, 2010

Junior Children's Choir Competition!

Watch YPC LIVE on Llangollen t.v. on Friday, July 9 at 10:15 a.m. EST!

It’s really beautiful here in Wales! Every morning we pass a tall hill, which has ancient ruins on it! Yesterday was fantastic and we were the best we could be. In fact many of us were crying because we performed so well! Today the 13 and under kids are performing at 9 o’clock in the morning and right now it’s 8:18 in the morning and some of them haven’t left yet. Every chorister is going to watch them perform and although we would really like to scream and yell for them we aren’t allowed to do anything more then a polite clap! We’re all having a great time socializing with all the different children from foreign countries. Yesterday we talked to people fromSri Lanka who were extremely nice, they sang a song for us as we were leaving to perform in the concert. We are all enjoying ourselves immensely and we miss you all!


Throughout our rehearsing Elizabeth has told us many stories about what happens to people after they give their all in a performance. She says that people break down, start shaking, and cry hysterically. Before yesterday, Wednesday July 7th, I didn’t understand why someone wo

uld do that. When one does their all I would think they would be immensely happy, but not to the breaking point that Elizabeth says people are. My mind was changed yesterday. We all have put our all into all of the songs but I was especially attached to three songs: Panta Rhei, Picaflor, and An Der Shonen Blau en Donau. Yesterday we performed the first two of those songs. Right before I entered the stage I was the most nervous I had ever been for a perform

ance. I got on the stage and halfway through the first song my knees started knocking together. I could barely stand but I couldn’t give up. The rest of the performance I concentrated on not falling down. The last clap happened and our hands were up. I was beaming with pride. We had done it. I walked offstage. My eyes started watering and I couldn’t breathe. I looked around. Everyone’s eyes were wet; people were out of breath; we had done it.


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  1. Thanks everyone for your up-close-and-very personal details from the front! Your reports are so interesting and entertaining in all the detail, and along with the fantastic photos and video coverage it's like watching and reading about the Olympics. The Music Olympics!

    Raleigh Mayer (Maud's mother)