Thursday, July 8, 2010

Senior Children's Choir Competition!

Well today is the second day of competition and it is the 13 and under group. Yesterday we got in fifth place in the senior competition!! I am very nervous about what is going to happen today. It is going to be a challenge because there are really talented groups in the competition. Well I had fun during competition yesterday and I hope that today we will have the same heart and energy that we had yesterday. I hope we knock the judges off their feet.

- Ange

OMG!! I think we did such an amazing job! Although we didn’t have the energy during most of the rehearsals, we really turned it on! I felt the vibe coming off of everyone on stage, which is why we all had the same level of amazing energy!! Although we had a few slip-ups, I still feel like we did our best! As soon as we got of stage, I started shaking and crying, the adrenaline was so inten

se! There are so many great choirs here as well, the wardrobe is so beautiful, and colorful! It was such a cool experience to be able to talk to people all around the globe, at once. They’re so friendly, and a now I know Americans aren’t the only people who imitate other cultures. I heard a few British people imitating the “American accent”! Although I really wanted to win, I really wanted to congratulate the choir that won, we weren’t able to hear you all, but you obviously did a great job! And just a little side note, Altos specifically got a compliment, which was our own personal accomplishment! We were really proud of ourselves.

- Nia

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  1. Hi, i just wanted to post that you were amazing yesterday - I am one of the people you heard imitating your accent - from Owen's Scool Chamber Choir!

    You were so great in performance, and in person - the most friendly choir we met! Thanks for being so lovely!

    Hope you do really well in all your other competitions, and maybe our choirs can join forces some time in New York, or even in Potters Bar!

    Alice Robinson
    Dame Alice Owen's School