Sunday, July 4, 2010

YPC Lands Safely and Begins Their Adventures in London!

After months of preparation and intense rehearsals, the YPC has officially begun their adventure to the Llangollen International Eisteddfod with our first stop in London, United Kingdom. The journey began at the 92nd Street Y where choristers arrived with their families to gather final uniform pieces, music, and convene with all the choristers, staff and chaperones that would be joining them during their travels.
We arrived at JFK very quickly thanks so no traffic, and after an
hour or so we had every chorister checked in and through security - it's amazing ho
w long it takes 65 people to go through that process! The choristers were in great spirits and very excited to get on the plane and depart. We left New York at 10:30 p.m., and
after a 6-hour flight landed safely at London's Heathrow Airport on very little sleep.

We started our adventure by meeting our tour guide from Classical Movements, Susie, who will be leading us around London for th
e next few days. The first stop was Windsor Castle, where the Queen often resides on weekends. It's her "summer house" so to speak, and the children were blown away by
the size of the castle - a nice little place to have a break
from Buckingham Palace! We had a lovely lunch in our chaperone groups, then went off to explore some of the shops and the ar
ea around the castle. It was a beautiful area, with quaint little shops and restaurants, and the souvenir shopping officially began.

We then went to our hotel in London where we will stay for the next two nights, and quickly
departed for our first rehearsal. The chil
dren are working very diligently as we speak on their pieces, and even with jet leg they're doing very well and working very hard.

More updates to come soon, and we are looking forward to more sight-seeing in the morning followed by more rehearsals in the afternoon.

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