Sunday, June 14, 2009

Music melts…

Time to move on to the next movement… Music Melts.  Just piano and chorus for this one.  Once again, we are hearing the sounds of YPC’s Cantare Division, the Thurnauer School of Music Senior Chorus, and the Thurnauer School of Music orchestra.  And this is Sophia Miller bringing you our live blog as the rehearsal goes on…


The strings and percussion join us as we move on to Sarasate Said.  More instruments joining the orchestration means we are having difficulty hearing the chorus again.  Francisco goes on stage to work with the chorus, reminding them to sing out and to fix their posture as well.


Time for the chorus to take a break as we rehearse a movement with guitar and solo violin.  Bruce gives some notes before Elizabeth takes the podium one more time (we had a podium brought onto the stage – everyone can see Elizabeth much more easily now!)


Some conferencing about placement of music stands between Bruce and the stagehands…


Just ten minutes left in the rehearsal before a dinner break!


I often think in music…


Rehearsing I Often Think In Music.  Elizabeth stops – she wants a faster tempo (faster tempo seems to be the theme of the day…?)


One of the children from the orchestra is soloing on the cello – he is doing a beautiful job.  His instrument sings with Bruce’s running eighth notes as he alternates between arco and pizzicato.  I think this one might be my favorite movement – the chorus sings a beautiful lyrical melody, sometimes in unison, sometimes breaking into three parts.


You are the music, while the music lasts


Final movement of the rehearsal – just four minutes left!  Lou takes the podium one more time for this movement.


Back to those familiar running sixteenth notes from the marimba as the chorus sings the words, “You are the music, while the music lasts.”


From one movement to the next, Bruce’s piece brings excitement and anticipation, as well as some haunting melodies and beautiful sounds from both the chorus and the orchestra.  Looking forward to tonight’s performance, 7 p.m. at the Bergen PAC!

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