Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Our Satellite School kids are here

Our Satellite school children from PS75 and PS268 are now in the hall, and Francisco is asking each one to go around and introduce themselves. These are some really spritely kids and we're all having fun getting acquainted with them.

Also in the house tonight: our conductors Elizabeth Nunez, Amy Kotsonis, and Sophia Miller, who also teach at our Satellite Schools.

Also here are Linda Golding, YPC's artistic advisor, Shelly White, our listening guide writer/consultant, and Angela Duryea, our publicity manager. And our tireless production staff, Nicole Arbes and Dena Tasse-Winter.

John's also here now, and ready to start the show. He says the interviews went really well. They'll all be available online when YPC posts all the episodes online on our web site.

The composers are now chatting with the children, telling them about their background and what schools they went to and what music meant to them. These kids are so into the music that many of them, we hope, will become singers or composers as well.

We will go live with our performances soon. Stay with us!


  1. This is coming from a student at ps268 named Zedekiyah Edmonds chourus is coooooooooool.

  2. Ms. Miller is cool
    -Zedekiyah Edmonds