Sunday, June 14, 2009

YPC Cantare "Music Is"


Some of the younger children have left the stage and we are now prepared to begin Bruce Adolphe’s piece, “Music Is.”


The orchestra begins the piece under Lou’s baton, and the chorus sits.  We hear motives in this first movement that we will later hear with the text.  Sixteenth note patterns emerge from the marimba as the entire orchestra crescendos – a sforzando as we hear a new musical theme. These children are amazing musicians!  Can’t wait to hear the movements with both chorus and orchestra.


Bruce speaks with Lou briefly after this first movement, and here we go with another run-through after some notes for the marimba, and some notes on tempo.  Lou runs a few measures and looks to Bruce – Bruce nods in approval, but still needs a faster tempo.


4:49 p.m.


Elizabeth has taken the baton and we are now hearing the first movement in this piece that includes both chorus and orchestra: Music Is.  It is difficult to hear the chorus – Bruce suggests we raise the lid on the piano, and asks the marimba player to play more softly.  “You’d be surprised…” he says, “It is very loud.  You can be a little quieter.”  Meanwhile, Elizabeth tells the chorus she can use more – and while some of the younger children have left the stage, the chorus singing Bruce’s piece is still made up of YPC’s Cantare and the older children from the Thurnauer School of Music.


Elizabeth works on transitions as Francisco snaps some photos of the chorus – the balance of sound is beginning to improve.


(By the way, we interrupt the music to bring you this special announcement: if you’re parked in the South Right parking lot, please move your car or it will be towed.) 


4:55 p.m.


Starting Music Is from the top one more time – Bruce asks the chorus to be mindful of holding their notes full value, and reminds the orchestra members not performing in this movement to make sure they stay still.  Some of them are getting a little bit restless…


We can definitely hear the changes in balance – the marimba is playing more softly, the piano is more prominent…but we could still use a bit more of the voices.  Moving on…


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