Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Rehearsing Machaut

One of our conductors, Jon Holden, is helping out on the piano. Group 3 for the Machaut piece is now on stage to practice their part of the song. It's getting a little tense, actually, Francisco's a perfectionist, as everyone of our choristers knows, and he won't be happy with this piece until it's absolutely perfect. (This is one of the reasons our kids are inspired to be their best.) 

Eve's come out of the control room. She seems to think it's going much better. We're practicing it with the other groups now.

F. is telling the kids to focus on the rhythm not emotion. The piece itself is quite moving, and understatement would heighten it. At least that's what this lay listener is beginning to understand.

Stay tuned. We've only just begun!

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