Thursday, May 26, 2011

PS/IS 178Q 3rd-5th Grades & PS 75

We are now being joined by another chorus from PS/IS 178- the 3rd-5th Grade Chorus, singing Fairest Lady and Child of PeaceFairest Lady is also from the Nursery Rhyme Cantata - they sound great, and we love this piece!

What an important message PS178 is sending us through Child of Peace.  When we hear the children singing I think we can really all believe in a better, more peaceful world.  Thanks kids!

Our last individual school chorus up is PS 75 from the Upper West Side with their conductor Amy Kotsonis singing Eletelephony and Thula S' Thandwa.

Wait, did they just say the elephone tried to use the telephone?  Did his trunk really get entangled in the telefunk?  This is a crazy song!  So funny!  Great job!

PS 75 is in its 6th year with YPC - wow!  Their last piece is in Zulu and English - it's really beautiful.
Again, what a packed stage!  So many students, so much music!  What a great way to end the performance!


  1. WE ROCKED THE HOUSE I HAD SO MUCH FUN I CANT WAIT TILL NEXT YEAR!!!!!!! All the schools did good. One of my favorite songs are Oye! preformed by the YPC @ Thurnauer Prelude Chorus. I'm going to miss Amy Kotsonis Our Conductor From P.S 75.

  2. Great job choristers! Go PS 75

  3. I had so much fun that I felt proud to be in the Young Peoples Chorus. It was also my first time on this stage. I was very nervous; however, I sang my heart out. Can't wait to do it again next year. Tessoro