Thursday, May 26, 2011

Tue, Tue!

What a great concert to wrap-up our choristers hard work this school year!

Now, Francisco Nunez (YPC's founder and artistic director) will lead all of the choristers in Tue, Tue, a song from the West African country of Ghana.

Oh, how cool--6 volunteers (one student from each school) are going to get to accompany the singing choristers with percussion instruments on stage!

Francisco is teaching us about a special musical term - ostinato - we're using the first line of Tue, Tue and singing it over and over again.  It sounds really cool with John Hadfield's percussion!

Now Francisco is having the audience of adults sing by themselves from the balcony - they sound pretty good!  And they just learned the song right now - great job!

Everyone join in!  Stand up!  Clap! TUE,TUE!

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