Thursday, May 26, 2011

YPC @ Thurnauer Prelude Chorus and PS 69

Taking the stage next is the Thurnauer Prelude Chorus, with conductor Emma Brondolo, who used to be a YPC Chorister herself.  I wonder if we have any future conductors sitting in our audience today...I bet we do!

Thurnauer Prelude Chorus starts off with a sweet Japanese Lullaby, Takeda no komoriuta, accompanied by Thurnauer's pianist Jackie Choi - she's great!  Thurnauer wraps up with You'll Never Guess What I Saw.  Tell us kids, what did you see?  I can tell you, I am seeing some very talented choristers!

Now we have PS 69 from the Bronx.  They will be singing  This shall be for Music and Oye.
Wow, another packed stage with so many smiling faces and lovely voices.  The first piece is so beautiful!  They sounds great!
Oye!  Yes, we can hear you loud and clear!  Wow - John Hadfield sounds amazing on the drums!  And the entire chorus has so much energy and the choreography is fantastic!  PS 69 rocked it!


  1. The OYE song was the best song out of all of the songs in big performance.Not because my child was singing it.But i was still exited my son was in the first row.OYE!OYE!OYE!OYE!OYEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!LET'S GO PS69!!!

  2. Very nice group!

  3. We did a great job with the songss !! EVERYONE DID !!