Thursday, May 26, 2011

Thurnauer Concert Chorus and PS 268

Up first is Thurnauer Concert Chorus singing two songs: Yet Gentle Will the Griffen Be and She Shall Have Music.  Sounding wonderful, kids!  What a great start to the show.  This is YPC Thurnauer's second performance at the Satellite Schools Concert - we're so excited to have them here!

Wow, what a great performance of She Shall Have Music by Nick Page - it's part of his Nursery Rhyme Cantata - the same work that Fairest Lady comes from - a satellite favorite.  Such a beautiful piece, and they do it really well!

The next chorus coming up is joining us from Crown Heights, Brooklyn: PS 268, singing Afternoon On A Hill and being lead by conductor Sophia Miller.

What?!?  PS 268 has only been rehearsing for 2 months?!?  Unbelievable!  Even more impressive! They have great stage presence, and a wonderful tone - it's such a pretty piece!  What a good job!  Bravo!

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